"FESTIVAL THEATRE" Stratford, OntarioFine art oil paintings for sale by Ontario artist.

Many years of enjoying the wonderful productions at the festival theatre combined with the knowledge that her father-in-law, a cabinet maker, helped to construct this lovely building led to the creation of an intricately detailed painting of this truly outstanding theatre.

Jacqueline chose to depict the now famous westerly approach to the theatre. Here we see the meticulously groomed flower beds bursting with colour, the dappled sunshine of the welcoming drive and the circular roof with it’s flags proudly fluttering in the summer breezes.

One recalls the beauty of the surrounding park, the fanfare of trumpets, the anticipation of the coming production and the spellbinding magic of truly wonderful performances by some of the world’s greatest actors.

Jacqueline’s lovingly detailed painting will recall to your memory all those special moments, prompting warm conversations of Stratford and the magic of the stage.


500 S/N, $85.00 CDN.

50 A//P, $110.00 CDN.

Ontario artist prints for sale "I FELL IN LOVE"

This romantic subject strikes a chord in the heart of all who have experienced, or hope to experience, the depths of true love.

With the well worn case, the violin rosin still clinging to it’s rich surfaces, the aging sheet music and the rose of love, it speaks to us with emotions beyond words.

Jacqueline was inspired to paint "I Fell In Love" after the loss of her husband, a professional musician. Great art does indeed come from deep emotional experience to enrich the lives of all those it touches.

I FELL IN LOVE Image 20"X147/8"

250 s/n, $115.00 CDN.

25 A/P, $135.00 CDN.



Jacqueline A. Wojtowich, R.R.#2, Granton, Ontario, NOM IVO, Canada.

Telephone: (519) 225-2685

email: info@artbyj.com