R.R. # 2,

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Telephone: (519) 225-2685


Commission paintings are available from size 8"X10" and up.


The following table is a guide only. A painting may be any size you wish.

8"X10"     $195.00 Cdn.     ($100.00 per extra subject)
11"X14"     $295.00 Cdn.     ($100.00 per extra subject)
16"X20"     $475.00 Cdn.     ($150.00 per extra subject)
18"X24"     $575.00 Cdn.     ($150.00 per extra subject)

Plus tax and shipping

50% down payment required

These prices are for a single subject in a painting, for example one dog, one person etc. If a second or third subject should be required one would add the extra amount that is listed in brackets, per subject. A house counts as one subject. The sizes of course are only given as a guide, any size can be used.

My watercolours are executed on "Arches" 300lb watercolour paper and oil paintings are available either on masonite (highly durable, accepted by museums) or stretched canvas for a slightly extra fee.

Both mediums offer high detail, the choice is a matter of personal taste.

Basically all you need to do is to mail me a photograph of the subject that you would like painted and I would complete the painting and ship it by UPS to your door.

To order prints, commissions or for further information please contact me at the above address, email or telephone number.



Jacqueline A. Wojtowich, R.R.#2, Granton, Ontario, NOM IVO, Canada.

Telephone: (519) 225-2685

email: info@artbyj.com